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My Full Tilt Color Coding System

I was going to write up my ftp color coding for my brother and a friend so I figured I might as well just post it on here. I hope you guys find this very helpful.

I recommend you color code based on people’s estimated ROIs at your average stake or the stake you play most often. I will use $55s for my example. Here are my colors:

Yellow: good (4% or better)
Purple: decent (1-3%)
Red: breakeven or good over a small sample
Blue: -1% to -4% or insignificant sample
Green: -5% or worse
Dark green: -20% or worse (fish)

Here are the minimum ROIs I require a player to have over 500 or more games to mark them yellow:

$300+: 1%
$200s: 2%
$100s: 3%
$50s: 4%
$30s: 5%
$20s: 6%
$16s: 8%
$6s: 10%

I realize 500 games doesn’t tell you much but I think it’s better to go off of the info you can rather than say ”his ROI could be 5% lower, blah, blah, blah.” Give the player the benefit of the doubt & your hourly rate will thank you later. If a player has 1 of these ROIs over 250 games I will mark them red. Use common sense w/ the # of game requirements. If a player is 30% over 400 games at the $16s it’s pretty safe to say you can upgrade him from red to yellow. The same is true for a player that is 5% over 490 games at the $100s, etc… If you play super turbos you probably want to lower the ROI requirements. Good players in super turbos might be 3% at $30s or 1% at $100s, etc…

For marking players purple or red that play different buy-ins I would just look at the difference in ROI of yellow players compared to $55s & subtract it or add it to their ROI. For example, to mark a player yellow at $16s we require an 8% ROI while at $50s we require a 4% ROI. The difference is 4%. If a player is 6% at $16s we can subtract 4 & estimate his ROI to be 2% at the $55s & mark him purple. If a player is 4% at the $16s we can estimate him to be breakeven at the $55s & mark him red. If a player is 0% at $100s we would add 1% to his ROI for $55s & mark him purple. You get the picture.

So for $55s these players should be marked purple:
$300+: -2% to 0%
$200s: -1% to 1%
$100s: 0% to 2%
$50s: 1% to 3%
$30s: 2% to 4%
$20s: 3% to 5%
$16s: 5% to 7%
$6s: 7% to 9%

At $55s these players would be marked red along w/ players who have a good ROI over 250 games but less than 500:
$300+: -3%
$200s: -2%
$100s: -1%
$50s: 0%
$30s: 1%
$20s: 2%
$16s: 4%
$6s: 6%

For fish I convert their ROI to $55s a little differently. Instead of adding or subtracting the difference between a good players ROI at each level & divide & multiply. For example, a good players ROI at $6s is 10% while at $55s it’s 4%. 10/4=2.5 If a player is -8% at $10s I will multiply that by 2.5 to get -20% at $55s, which is the minimum requirement for a fish. I would mark him dark green . This doesn’t really work for stakes above the stake you’re color coding so I would just use the addition/subtraction for those.

At $55s these players would be marked dark green (fish):
$300+: -17% or worse
$200s: -18% or worse
$100s: -19% or worse
$55s: -20% or worse
$30s: -16% or worse
$20s: -13% or worse
$16s: -10% or worse
$6s: -8% or worse

At $55s these players would be marked green if they aren’t a fish:
$300s+: -8% or worse
$200s: -7% or worse
$100s: -6% or worse
$50s: -5% or worse
$30s: -4% or worse
$20s: -3% or worse
$16s: -1% or worse
$6s: 1% or worse

Any ROI that isn’t covered would be marked blue, along w/ those under 500 games who aren’t marked red. The reason I convert the ROIs differently for fish than good players is I’d like to be more lenient when color coding good players. If somebody is actually a -2% player at $55s instead of a 2% player they’re still bad for my ROI so it doesn’t kill me to have them marked as a winning player. On the flip side, if somebody is actually -13% rather than -20% they’re still good for my ROI. Since I only differentiate between fish & -5% or worse players I don’t mind having looser standards for fish.

Obviously this system can be used on sites besides ftp too. It’s not perfect but I think it give you pretty good estimates & I’ve had great success using it. I usually try not to register on even 2 reds without a fish. I’m strict because it’s tough to know someone’s true ROI. First off there’s variance. Then there’s a bunch of people who don’t table select or table select poorly. There might be a 0% player who doesn’t table select but actually effects your ROI worse than a player with a 3% ROI who table selects. If 2 purples, 2 reds, or 1 red & 1 purple register behind me without a fish I might defend my ground depending on how well games are filling & how many games I currently need to fill.

A really easy way to color code is with sharkscope hud. For 6 max, set the filter to NL hold em any speed 6 seated or 6-10 seated normal format. Personally I prefer 6-10 seated because it gives you a better sample size to go off of & 6 max SNG players are generally good at 9-10 max & vice versa. Of course if you play something like double or nothings you would want that as the format instead of normal. What I try to do is once a day on days I’m playing I open up every 6 max table running at stakes I play & color code everyone. This does wondersfor table selection & reads because I don’t use sharkscope hud in game. It will take longer at first but once you’ve done it a lot the process is much shorter because there’s less people to color code. I prefer to do this right before I start playing so that it’s a lot of the people I know I’ll be playing against that day.

As for poker, things have been going pretty well. April was my best month of the year so far & I think I'm probably top 5 in total 5-10 seated SNG profit this year if you combine my sites.

You can use full tilt points on step tickets now. Since I don't need anymore electronics for the house I'll be using all of my points on step 7 ($2,100) tickets. Unfortunately they don't have 6 max but I'm confident my edge is pretty big in these if I'm selective. So far I'm I've played 1 & took 1st for a $12K WSOP main event package. I'm taking the cash though.

I've started to mix in super turbos on full tilt. This will obviously drop my ROI a lot (already dropped my overall ftp ROI 2%) but I'm hoping that the volume I can get with them & rakeback will make up for it. Time will tell I guess. I'm sure they're definitely a roller coaster ride. I've always talked about how super turbos have more variance. It's pretty much common knowledge. Somebody posted on my blog pointing out that jorj95's super turbo graph doesn't have much variance over a giamt sample. This is because most of the super turbos he plays are actually satellites which pay half the field. This leads to a lot less variance than the standard 65/35 or 50/30/20 structures.

March 2010
163.5 hrs
SNG Profit: $5,682.29
Rakeback/Bonuses: $10,042.33
Total Profit: $15,724.62

April 2010:
171.12 hrs
SNG Profit: $21,822.04
Rakeback/Bonuses: $9,686.23
Total Profit: $31,508.27

Year 2010:
629.67 hrs
SNG profit: $47,028.60
Rakeback/Bonuses: $42,510.86
Total yearly Profit: $89,539.46

Year 2009:
Hours: 1,577.65
SNG Profit: $(22,746.37)
Rakeback/Bonuses: $213,977.09
Total SNG Profit: $191,230.72
Staking: $42,219.80
Total Yearly Profit: $233,450.52

Year 2008 Online:
Hours: 1510.88
SNG Profit: $277,395.86
Rakeback/Bonuses: $178,589.61
Total SNG Profit: $455,985.47
Staking: $121,573.29
Total Yearly Profit: $577,558.76

Year 2007 Online:
Total Online Poker Profit: $251,388.84 (no staking in 2007)

Career Sharkscope:

100,734 $5 $138 5% $471,871


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May. 17th, 2010 02:37 am (UTC)
SharkScope Hud
Thanks for the input on the SharkScope Hud. I have thought about upgrading to it but did not want to use in game. Opening all tables at my limit and coding is a great idea.

May. 19th, 2010 06:59 pm (UTC)
fish :(

imo the best color for bad players is red
so my variant is:

red = fish
purple = huge fish
green - reg
orange - bad reg
blue - good reg

yellow - no idea, but some kinda note, to be visible by color
May. 19th, 2010 09:24 pm (UTC)
lol I don't think it really matters as long as u know what each color means...on cake's color coding each color already has a title like "bad player" so I somewhat went off of that since I'm used to it

May. 26th, 2010 10:33 am (UTC)
How do you calculate your rakeback? Do you use all your fpps on bonus dollars?
May. 26th, 2010 11:16 am (UTC)
Re: rakeback
any MONEY I receive from rakeback or bonuses....if I use FPPs for a TV I don't count that in my calculations...if I use FPPs on a STEP & win $12K I count the $12K toward profit...in my head I realize this stuff should be considered in rakeback but in my CALCULATIONS I post that's how it's done

Jun. 7th, 2010 11:10 am (UTC)
Thank you
This definitely was a good read. I've just started playing super turbos on FTP (sadly, no rakeback :( ). I was already using colour coding on PS, so carried over that system to FTP. But was trying out different ways of using those extra colours and this article was of great help.

btw, jorj definitely has had some huge swings.. He has had atleast 5-6 $10k downswings in 86s this year. To be honest, seems like PS hypers have bigger swings, maybe because the increase in blinds are steeper there.
Jun. 7th, 2010 02:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Thank you
Honestly, I would never play without rakeback. There's plenty of sites that offer it. If you already have an ftp account you can still apply. I think the site is rakebackpros.com or something like that.

Jun. 13th, 2010 08:47 pm (UTC)
yes rakeback pros may do it. email ft and tell them u want rakeback. jhub i got a question for you. when u are playing on average how many sng's do u play a day? i am sure it varies but i was just curious. i have heard some people play 50 a day some say they play 200 a day. just wondering where u fall in those numbers. thanks
Jun. 13th, 2010 09:56 pm (UTC)
I don't play the same # of hours each day. I play about 25 days a month but a lot of those days will only be 1-3 hrs. A full day would be 8 or 8.5 hrs. I used to average anywhere between 14 & 20 games per hour. Now that I'm playing a lot of super turbos I average anywhere between 30 & 40 games per hour, but of course my average profit is much lower to compensate.

Basically in an 8 hour day I used to average anywhere between 112 & 160 games per day & now average between 240 & 320 games per day, but at a much lower average profit. In a normal week I wouldn't play more than 3 or 4 8 hour days.

I had been playing 35-40 hours per week in normal weeks but that # might dip significantly in the summer w/ nice weather.

Jun. 14th, 2010 12:23 am (UTC)

Jun. 23rd, 2010 02:24 pm (UTC)
interested in your opinion
Hope you will not mind to answer this question.I myself play a low stakes so not that I care that much but while reading russian forum I discovered a thread where most of the russian 6max regulars post.Mostly the guys you play 55s with.And there is an interesting topic about how easy is such regulars as you since you play so much predictable and that they can gain so much from you by outplaying you in early levels that there is even no need to table select against you.Those guys who claim that have top notch rois within the samples of 10k.(yeah I know they might be running hot).
Could you please share your opinion regarding this ?

Jun. 23rd, 2010 03:47 pm (UTC)
Re: interested in your opinion
There have long been ignorant cocky morons w/ opinions like this and there always will be. First off, SNgs are won in the later levels and my late game is as good as anyone's. You can add some ROI points in the early levels but a good late game player is going to have more of an edge than a good early game player. Second off, how many pots are these idiots going to play with me in the early levels? They might play 1 or 2 pots w/ me early, if even that, while if we both make it to the later levels they'll be playing a huge percentage of pots with me. Third off, these idiots are rarely going to get my stack. The biggest gain you can get in the early levels is when you stack someone, not playing 1 pot w/ someone & winning 140 chips 55% of the time, while losing 45% of the time. Fourth, I probably play post-flop better than most of these guys who think they're outplaying me. My post-flop stats are very good, as are my HU stats. 10-12 tabling hurts this but I still do well. These idiots are rarely going to see my cards so they're going to either not see or selectively forget the times I outplay them or catch them trying to outplay me. Meanwhile EVERY TIME they outplay me they will remember it & tell themselves how sick they are. It's called selective memory & if they think otherwise they're kidding themselves.

These players can continue to 4-6 table & not select around me. Meanwhile I'll 10-12 table w/ good table selection & make 2-3x what they do post-rakeback. End of story. Also, a lot of the Russians have smallish samples & are clearly running above expectation.

I'd be interested to hear which Russians think this way. It's also odd that none of these guys accepted my total profit prop bet challenge. Please post that on the Russian forum as it's still open to any of these "post-flop studs."

I also find it funny that it's mostly $55 players saying this. Perhaps there's a reason they're stuck at the $55s

The best Russian SNg player of all time is easily h1nt (fcukyourluck, paris_hilton 81, etc...). It's no coincidence that he table selected & wasn't a spewtastic lagtard trying to outplay regs every chance he got.

I suggest these Russians stick to drinking vodka & leave the killing SNgs to me

Edited at 2010-06-23 07:22 pm (UTC)
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